Latest Iron Innovation Is One Of The Most Forgiving Player Distance Clubs Ever

Wilson Golf has utilised cutting-edge AI technology in its latest Dynapower range to create one of the most forgiving player distance irons ever engineered.

The all-new Wilson Dynapower Forged irons represents another generational model steeped in history, backed by modern-day innovation for golfers seeking more power, faster ball speeds and maximum distance.

“The introduction of the new Dynapower Forged irons ensures that Wilson remains synonymous with high quality Forged clubs appealing to accomplished players,” said Jon Pergande, Manager of Wilson Golf Club Innovation. “Following the successful revival of the iconic club franchise last year, it was imperative that we got this model right and we’re confident that golfers will find its shot-making results spectacular,” he added.

Constructed from 8620 carbon steel, the new Dynapower Forged irons have been meticulously crafted and rigorously tested using an advanced Wilson Golf AI technology system. This system incorporates a new Variable Face Thickness to ensure faster ball speeds across the clubface.

The Enhanced Power Hole Technology construction (applicable to 4-7 irons only) combines with Variable Face Thickness to deliver maximum distance. Meanwhile, a high MOI construction, a low Centre of Gravity and the redistribution of weight towards the toe result in more forgiving, higher-launching shots with impressive stopping power on the greens.

“By utilising AI during construction and investing more in R&D, we’ve been able to thoroughly test every possible variation to deliver a Forged iron that will offer incredible feel and distance off the clubface, while provide an aesthetically appealing, thinner look from the top-line and at address,” added Pergande.

The Wilson Dynapower Forged irons will be available next month, with stock shaft options  including the premium KBS Tour Lite in steel (R 95g & S 100g) and the Mamiya UST Recoil DART 75 in graphite (65g). Both versions come equipped with a Wilson Lamkin Crossline 360 grip.

Building on one of the most impactful equipment franchises in the game, the iconic Dynapower franchise was successfully reintroduced last year with the launch of the Dynapower driver - one of the most adjustable drivers ever created by Wilson – available in both Carbon and Titanium head options.

The fairway wood and hybrid were also introduced alongside the Dynapower cast irons, engineered primarily for aspirational golfers with a handicap of 10 or higher who seek more distance and occasional mishit management in their game.

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