JS International are pleased to announce that they have partnered with The Swing Plate to become the UK & European distributor. The Swing Plate is a swing training aid that takes the simple yet most used concept of alignment sticks and incorporates this into a complete swing training tool.

The Swing Plate allows golfers to fit x2 alignment sticks into a weighted base plate, one vertically and one horizontally, to help work on a number of areas of the golf swing such as alignment, swing path, impact position, hip rotation, head movement and much more. The vertical alignment can easily be adjusted 180 degrees to help aid your practice drills, the horizontal alignment fits into one of two slots on the base plate depending on your desired drill.

The Swing Plate comes with a lifetime access to their PGA Online Coaching library which provides a video series of all of the training drills that can be utilised, not only do these show golfers how to set up each drill but also explains the purpose behind each one allowing the correct use of each drill to help improve a player’s game.

One differing factor from many other training aids is that The Swing Plate has been extensively field tested and has received shining feedback from many PGA professionals and is also used and recommended by DP World Tour coaches and players alike!

For more information on The Swing Plate please contact JS International on:

T: 01923 209 440

E: sales@jsint.com