TaylorMade Golf Have Launched Their All New Qi10 Drivers, Qi10 Fairways & Rescues And Their 2024 Qi Irons.

Qi10 Driver

The Qi10 Max driver is the most forgiving driver TaylorMade has ever produced with a 10k MOI! The driver family has distinct definition from the low spin LS model, to the core unit, through to the ultra-forgiving Max product, which provides you with a product for most golfers you’ll fit.


Qi10 Fairways & Rescues

Forgiveness runs in the family, with the carefully designed Qi10 fairways and rescues packed with advanced technology to benefit players at all levels.

Both fairways and hybrids come in three different models: Qi10, Qi10 Max and Qi10 Tour. They are available for preorder starting Jan. 9, 2024.

Each member of the Qi10 fairway wood and hybrid family has a uniquely optimised face design focused around maximising ball speed across the face for each individual loft. TaylorMade engineers used iterative computer simulations to determine the shape and thickness of each area to properly maximise the COR area around where golfers are most likely to impact the ball with each fairway model.

The Qi10, Qi10 Max and Qi10 Tour fairways boast the all-new Infinity Crown that provides a clean, uninterrupted view at address while simultaneously optimising performance. Engineers relied on this new design to reshape the club, shifting more weight lower in the clubhead to maintain high inertia with a slightly enlarged face profile to inspire confidence and generate ball speed.

Qi Irons

Building upon the success of the Stealth irons, the Qi irons have taken game improvement irons to the next level. These irons have a 2 year life cycle and feature individually optimised heads and a patented face design that reduces cut spin to provide golfers with straight distance.

At the heart of the Qi Iron is individual head optimisation, organic face designs and FLTD CG, all working in unison to help golfers minimise the right miss. It’s no secret that many golfers in the game improvement category have a propensity for the slice. So, why do the leading game improvement irons have a fade bias in the long irons? Don’t worry, it didn’t make sense to their engineers either. That’s why TaylorMade designed the all-new Qi irons to have significantly less right bias, for straighter and more accurate shots.

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