adidas believe the weather shouldn’t be what gets in the way of a good score so while others turn back toward the clubhouse when the clouds roll in, they're helping those who want to keep playing by introducing an all-new RAIN.RDY collection.

Specifically created to help battle the elements golfers often experience on the course, the new outerwear utilises the brand's proprietary RAIN.RDY and WIND.RDY technology to keep golfers dry and protected from the wind. However, what sets this gear apart from others is the way they have incorporated materials to quiet the familiar “whoosh” sound that commonly distracts golfers while swinging the club when wearing traditional rain apparel.

The collection will feature jackets that are full and quarter zip, pants, and a bucket hat for both men and women. To further its versatility, adidas intentionally chose neutral tones such as black, crew navy, quiet crimson and hemp so that golfers can wear the gear outside of their rounds.

Rain.rdy is available to order from CLICK, the B2B portal from adidas, if you are not yet registered please speak to your ASM who can help you get set up.