OCEANTEE is confirming its commitment to the women’s game by continuing its sponsorship of the WPGA Series for a third season.  Since the sustainable golf brand has been involved in the PGA’s flagship female tournament series it has evolved to feature new venues, new formats, and larger prize funds for participants.  This year there are 10 events which started this week at Glasson Lakehouse, Ireland and conclude with the Series finale in Lanark, Scotland on the 12th of September.

“We are proud to support the WPGA Series and recognise the huge talent on show week in week out,” explains Ed Sandison, Founder of OCEANTEE.  “Every year there are fresh players who break through and impress us.  We wish everyone good luck as they enter the 2023 season and look forward to meeting old players and new over the coming months.”

Each player in the OCEANTEE WPGA Series is provided with the company’s award-winning bamboo tees, which are available for partners to buy in bundles starting at just £200 from TGI Direct.