After nearly 12 years of service and with tens of thousands of units still working hard worldwide, the GC2 - the golf industry’s most-used launch monitor - is now officially “end of life”, with no new units having been produced or sold for some time.

Foresight Sports Europe are making customers aware that this will have a significant impact on the availability of spare parts and repair lead times.

But for all customers, your GC2 has one final benefit to offer, returning you up to 50% of its original value when traded-in against the latest GCQuad or GC3 launch monitors, enabling you to work with the most trusted technology in golf for many more years to come.

Typically, that means Foresight will give you nearly £2,500 for your unit, regardless of its age or condition!

There has never been a better time to upgrade. With a host of advanced features and technological benefits, built on the same precision engineering, they’re confident you will be delighted to continue your journey with Foresight Sports as your trusted golf technology partner.

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