The Voice Caddie T11 Pro is the most advanced, ultra-premium, smart golf watch & GPS Voice Caddie has ever produced. It comes equipped with an ultra-bright Super OLED full colour touchscreen display, stylish design, integrated bezel with shot counter, and premium silicone strap.

The T11 Pro gives true and accurate yardages to the front, centre & back of greens using compiled shot data from both the PGA and LPGA to give the most accurate yardages to date and is packed full of useful and innovative features exclusive to the Voice Caddie range:

  • Smart Approach View – Automatically displays a view of the green with slope on approach
  • Smart Putt View – Shows green undulations and slope direction along with distance
  • Smart Course View – Displays an overview of each hole when reaching the tee box
  • Slope Guide – Provides information on green location and slope
  • Club Recommendation – Provides a suggested club based on historic shot data
  • Long Putt Guide – For putts longer than 5m will display recommended aim/distance
  • Wind Speed/Direction – Shows direction of wind and speeds from the tee
  • Tempo Trainer – Records tempo of each swing and can be compared against your optimal tempo
  • Auto Shot Feedback – Provides tempo and distance for each shot
  • Flashback – Gives an overview of your last performance on each hole

The T11 Pro is completely fee free and comes with 40,000+ pre-loaded courses, it also doubles up as a smart watch which has a number of useful features you would associate with any premium wearable and boasts an impressive battery life of 10 days in watch mode and 36 holes in Golf Mode.

Voice Caddie T11 Pro RRP: £379.00

For more information on the extensive Voice Caddie range contact JS Golf Brands on:

T: 01923 209 440