Manchester based brand owner and distributor Worldwide Golf Brands has announced the launch of it’s state of the art B2B ordering portal following the successful implementation of an SAP B1 inventory management system.

“The SAP inventory management system helps us better manage the scale of the business, but most importantly makes our whole service responsive to the needs of our customers,” commented Graeme Stevens, Managing Director at Worldwide Golf Brands. “Internally we now have full management of complex multi-brand supply chain logistics, monitoring both our inbound and outbound stock levels and applying quality control measures all along the process, but our customers will see the biggest change in their access to a live stock system, being able to place an order 24/7 and get it delivered from the same building in as short a time as is possible. It will be a real game changer for customers.”

The implementation of the customer facing B2B ordering portal is the final phase of the new system. The responsibility for delivery of this part of the project has been taken by Head of E-Commerce and Marketing, Jason Brown.

“This may be the final part of the system, but it’s perhaps the most important,” said Jason. “One of the key benefits is that customers will have access to real time stock levels, being able to see what sizes and colours are available and then order at the click of a button. This can be done 24 hours a day, 7 day a week so you can work to your own unique schedule and requirements.”

“Customers will also be able to see every offer that we’re running across all our brands. So you could be an OJ customer, but see a fantastic deal from ZOOM rangefinders that you might have otherwise missed out on. We’re giving customers full transparency, simplicity and speed; it really will make their lives easier and help us to streamline our whole operation.”

Additional functionality of the B2B ordering portal includes access to previous orders for editing and re-ordering; a library of images, videos and marketing collateral for each brand and a dedicated returns portal designed to speed up and simplify the returns and replacement process.

“It’s taken a huge amount of work to get us to this point, and I’m really excited to see the benefits that the system will bring,” concluded Stevens. “We have a fantastic range of brands, a great team working behind the scenes, and now the infrastructure that will help us deliver the best possible service to the customer.”

For more information on WWGB or any of the brands – Oscar Jacobson, Stuburt, Farah Golf, BIG MAX and ZOOM, please contact