Completely Redesigned To Offer Ultimate Versatility And Performance For All Golfers

Wilson Golf has launched a brand new line up of Staff Model wedges for 2024 based on feedback from its leading Tour players  This line offers golfers of varying skill levels the ultimate versatility when approaching or playing around the green.

The brand with more Major victories with its wedges than any other (82) has completely redesigned and expanded its short game range with the introduction of the new Wilson Staff Model ZM wedges and a matching Staff Model ZM HT wedges.  These are designed to help lower scoring depending on ground condition and angle of attack.

The new Staff Model ZM wedges incorporate a new ZM high-spin precision-milled groove pattern combined with Garnet Face Blasting to ensure a faster, deeper and longer ball interaction. This results in higher consistent spin and check control in all weather conditions, with a special focus on exceptional performance in wet conditions.

“The DNA of Wilson Tour players has been engrained within this new wedge range and we’re proud to provide options for every type of golfer based on their feedback, along with the game-changing technology that is the cornerstone of the design,” said Harry Nodwell, Wilson Golf Product Line Manager. “Our wedge family approach allows golfers to assess their short game skills and match up the correct loft and bounce to seamlessly fit with their current set up and spin it like the pros!”

Constructed from soft Forged 8620 Carbon Steel, the new Staff Model ZM wedges are designed with a straighter leading edge and elevated Centre of Gravity (CG) for trajectory control in the higher lofted wedges.

“There are progressive CG changes as the lofts increase to promote a more controlled ball flight and solid contact,” added Nodwell. “The CG change increases the mass on the section of the head from having a flat surface on a 50˚-52˚, more mass is then added on the 54˚- 56˚ and even more has been added from the 58˚ to 60˚ options,” he continued.

The new Wilson Staff Model ZM wedges will be available this month in six loft options - 50˚, 52˚, 54˚, 56˚, 58˚ and 60˚, with a 46˚ and 48˚ available through custom fit. The 56˚, 58˚ and 60˚ options will be available in three bounce choices - low, medium and high - ranging from six to 12 degrees. The ZM will come equipped with a True Temper Dynamic Gold Spinner WG stock shaft and a Golf Pride Tour Velvet grip. All lofts are available in right-handed options, with the 50˚, 52˚, 56˚  and 60˚  also available in left-hand.

Wilson Staff Model ZM HT

Designed with the same game-changing characteristics as the ZM, the Staff Model ZM HT incorporates a high toe and wide sole construction, providing the ultimate flexibility golfers demand with shot saving in mind.

The deeper precision groove pattern runs across the full face for added control, while the Garnet Face Blasting and soft Forged 8620 Carbon Steel provides the same consistent spin and check control in all weather conditions.

The face shape and sole allow the club to be played at varying degrees of open or closed configurations, giving golfers complete control over the amount of face that makes contact the ball.

“The ZM HT offers incredible feel and maximum spin with every shot, with the high toe design  providing ultimate versatility around the green. “We wanted to keep the high level of consistent spin in all conditions that we have on the ZM model, and we’ve applied the same design ethos to the HT, with our Tour players once again being heavily involved in the process,” added Nodwell.

The new Staff Model ZM and ZM HT wedges have already secured a victory with Padraig Harrington at the TimberTech Championship, where he finished in the top-10 of both scrambling and sand saves to win by seven shots. The four-time Major champion used a 52° with eight degrees of bounce and a 58˚  with 10˚  of bounce in the ZM wedges with a 64°/10° ZM HT.

The Wilson Staff ZM HT wedge is available in right-hand configuration with 56˚  and 60˚  option (64˚  is available through custom fit), featuring the same shaft and grip as the ZM.

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