Golfers Can Unlock Putting Potential With Alignment Technology & Premium Look

Wilson Golf has introduced its latest generation of award-winning INFINITE putters, blending proven visual alignment technology with a contemporary premium appearance and exceptional feel, urging golfers to maximise their putting potential.

Each of the nine models in the INFINITE range features Activation Parallel Alignment Lines technology, aiding golfers in aligning their strokes effortlessly for truer strikes and a more consistent putting motion.

Bob Thurman, Wilson's Global General Manager of Golf, expressed confidence in the INFINITE range's ability to meet the needs of golfers struggling with alignment, citing multiple options to suit various preferences in putter shape and hosel style.

The putters, named after landmarks and neighbourhoods in Chicago, Illinois, offer a wide selection across popular mallet and blade designs, promising enhanced performance benefits.

With a double-milled face pattern and a two-tone PVD anti-glare finish, these putters ensure a consistent feel and reduce distractions over the ball.

Equipped with a new midsize Pistol Karakal grip featuring Enhanced Spyne technology, multi-zone texturing, and a no-taper shape, these putters facilitate a smooth, balanced putting stroke.

If you are interested in hearing more about the Wilson, please contact your local ASM here