First-Of-Its-Kind Technology Set To Change The Game For Fitters And Golfers

Wilson Golf has launched an innovative, first-of-its-kind technology that is set to radically change the game for both club fitters and golfers looking for the most advanced custom fitting experience.

Wilson Fit AI™ is a mobile app-based fitting tool that combines a pioneering Wilson black box algorithm with Blast Motion, the industry-leading motion analysis technology, to deliver a more efficient and engaging fitting process.

Utilising a Wilson iron with a Blast Motion sensor embedded into a standard grip, club fitters will be able to provide real-time feedback for every aspect of a golfer’s swing. It will only take a few swings to understand a golfer’s swing profile and provide the fitter with the knowledge to recommend the perfect set of Wilson customised irons, along with the ideal head model, shaft type and grip for each golf club. 

“The team at Wilson is thrilled to bring this revolutionary product to market, as we believe Wilson Fit AI™ is the future of golf fitting,” said Bob Thurman, Global Vice President of Research & Development at Wilson and General Manager of Wilson Golf.

“If you look back at the history of Wilson Golf, we’ve always been the game’s pioneer with an incredibly strong winning tradition combined with the desire to lead the industry in club innovation. We’ve had more Major championships attributed to our irons than any other brand and we’ve won at least one major championship in every decade since. Now we’re using A.I.I technology to take club fitting to the next level,” added Thurman.

The versatile mobile app-based fitting tool uses a combination of high-G and low-G accelerometers and gyro to capture approximately 12,000 data points per swing with a high degree of accuracy and consistency. The Wilson black box algorithm then processes the information to generate a custom-fit iron recommendation in as few as five swings - based on swing plane, shaft load, wrist hinge, club face closure and swing tempo. Swing data from every single fitting across the globe will then optimise the AI algorithm to enhance each fitting session and make the club recommendations even more accurate over time.

Alongside the new fitting technology, Wilson is set to launch its most advanced Staff Model iron lineup in 2024, following the success of reintroducing the iconic Dynapower franchise to golfers earlier this year.

Wilson Fit AI™ powered by Blast Motion will be available at club-fitting retailers across the UK, from next month.

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