Turtleson introduce their Alpaca Wool Collection, where luxury meets sustainability. Sourced from the Peruvian Andes, home to approximately 3.7 million alpacas, Turtleson's Alpaca yarns redefine comfort and eco-conscious fashion.

Crafted from Baby Alpaca fibres, boasting a micron count under 20, our products offer unparalleled softness and a naturally dynamic response to fluctuating temperatures.

With nine natural color options, our Alpaca Wool Collection embraces the beauty of simplicity, capitalizing on the fibre’s hypoallergenic properties and giving you a supple material that’s delightfully adaptable to the day’s temperatures.

Experience the warmth of Alpaca, a naturally renewable fiber, in a range of products that blend luxury with conscientious living.

For more information, please email bob@turtleson.com or ctollervey@turtleson.com