The next generation Titleist T-Series irons family establishes a new standard in iron engineering, reaffirming Titleist’s commitment to creating the world’s best irons while providing golfers with optimised performance options from their shortest to longest iron.

One of the highlights in the new range is the T350 iron which delivers unrivalled feel with effortless turf interaction in a tour-inspired shape, designed to maximise the three dimensions (3D’s) of iron performance: distance control, dispersion control and descent angle.

T350 is game improvement reimagined making it the best performing, best looking and best feeling Game Improvement iron to bear the Titleist script.


  • True Player’s Construction: Designed to be larger and more forgiving than T200, T350 gives players maximum forgiveness while retaining a pure player’s feel at impact.

  • Better Tungsten for Better Results: T350 features the same dual-tungsten weighting found in T100, T150 and T200, which further promotes solid feel paired with maximum forgiveness.

  • Fast Across the Face: Refinements and reinforcements to Max Impact Technology couples with a new dual-taper, forged face to impart tremendous speed across the entire hitting surface.

  • Effortless Turf Interaction: Consistent with T100, T150 and T200, T350 also incorporates the variable bounce design as well as refinements to the trailing edge which have been meticulously crafted to optimally flow through the turf.

Ben Welch, Category Manager UK – Golf Clubs, said, “T350 is simply the best Game Improvement Iron we have ever made, producing performance that is high, far and forgiving.

“Built around a new forged face, hollow-body construction and powered by tour technologies, it delivers maximum launch, distance and forgiveness in a player’s design. With the T350, any player can now benefit from Titleist’s most advanced engineering.”

Jack Roberts, The Belfry Hotel & Resort in Warwickshire, said: “The reception of T350 irons has been very positive both from our fitting team and golfers that we have had in for iron fittings.

“Generally, it’s widely acknowledged that it is a far more premium looking product when compared to the last generation T300’s and due to this we haven’t really had to justify the price increase because the look and performance of the product is reflective of very high quality.

“I personally have been attempting to explain to golfers that T350 is an iron that is going to offer maximum help for a player who is looking for forgiveness but also have the great looks and feel of a Tour iron - thanks to the forged face.

“I’ve yet to meet a golfer who I’ve encountered with pre-conceptions of being fitted for a set of T350’s, walking out with something different. It’s generally a very easy iron to fit a broad range of golfers into.”