Master Craftsman Bob Vokey’s New Line Delivers Lower Flight, Better Feel and Maximum Spin

Titleist’s new Vokey Design SM10 wedges are engineered to produce a lower, more controlled flight with improved feel and maximum spin – advancing the performance of the game’s most played wedges through an unrelenting focus on Master Craftsman Bob Vokey’s three keys to great wedge play:

  • Shot versatility: The Vokey Design SM10 family comprises six different tour-proven sole grinds (F, S, M, K, T and D) – with a total of 25 unique loft, bounce and grind combinations – allowing every golfer the opportunity to find their optimal wedge setup. Properly fit wedges that complement a golfer’s swing type and course conditions help unlock creativity around the greens and achieve proper turf interaction and contact.

  • Precise distance and trajectory control: SM10 wedges feature new progressive centre of gravity placements through the lofts. The result is a lower, more controlled trajectory, more solid feel, and tighter dispersion from the lowest-lofted wedge to the highest.

  • Maximum spin: Vokey Design’s patented Spin Milled process has been refined to deliver higher, more consistent spin. Each TX9 groove is individually cut based on loft and finish and treated with high frequency heat to maximise durability.

Bob Vokey, Master Craftsman, said:

"I always tell players that the most important club in the bag is confidence. Getting fit for each of your wedges, and learning how to use them in different situations, is one of the fastest ways to gain confidence around the green.”

Corey Gerrard, Director of Marketing, Vokey Wedges, said:

“Player feedback drives our development process. Whether we’re talking with tour professionals or dedicated amateurs, every bit of player insight matters. All the advances we made to SM10, from looks and feel to grind options and desired flight windows, reflect that player input.”

AVAILABLE FOR FITTINGS: Available for fittings beginning Feb. 15 and in UK and Ireland golf shops from March 8. Vokey SM10 wedges are offered in three finishes: Tour Chrome, Jet Black, and a new Nickel finish. A Raw finish is also available for custom order.

PROGRESSIVE SHAPING, ENHANCED PROFILES: Vokey SM10 wedges are updated with progressive shaping by loft and consistent profiles to inspire confidence in every player. Lofts 46-52° feature a smaller profile and a straighter leading edge, while lofts 56-62° have a larger footprint and a more rounded leading edge for shot versatility.

VOKEY WEDGE FITTINGS: Fitting is an essential part of finding the optimal wedge setup. Golfers can get fit outdoors with a Titleist fitting expert or inside with the Vokey Wedge Fitting App on TrackMan and GC Quad launch monitors.

Golfers may also experience the Vokey Wedge Selector tool on to help them select the proper loft, bounce and grind options for their swing and course conditions. It is recommended golfers visit their local Titleist wedge fitter to confirm the results.

ADVANCED PERSONALISATION AND CUSTOM OPTIONS: Vokey Design SM10 wedges feature a sleek, modern look, which provides a canvas for customisation. The WedgeWorks custom options include:

  • Stamping options | 10-character straight/ freestyle stamping; 15 characters around the toe; and two lines of 10 characters each

  • Custom paint-filled loft, bounce and grind markings and BV Wings logo

  • Six unique toe engravings

  • HandGround options for grind personalisation

  • Vokey WedgeWorks Flight Lines SM10 wedges can also be custom ordered with an industry-leading selection of shafts, grips, shaft bands and ferrules.