New Utilities Offer High Launch and Ball Speed in Two Distinct Tour-Proven Profiles

The introduction of the new Titleist U•505 and T200 utility irons provides golfers with enhanced feel and improved accuracy in two tour-proven shapes engineered to create more scoring opportunities from distance.

Week in and week out, Titleist is the most played utility iron on the PGA TOUR, providing players an unparalleled combination of high launch, increased ball speed and forgiveness at the top end of their set:

The new U•505 – available in 1, 2, 3 and 4 irons – is an extremely versatile, high-launching utility iron that now looks and feels dramatically better.

The new T200 utility – offered in 2, 3 and 4 irons – provides more solid feel across the face for the player seeking utility iron performance in a tour-preferred compact profile.

“Both new U•505 and new T200 build on the success of their predecessors and feature key refinements in feel and playability,” said Josh Talge, Vice President, Titleist Golf Club Marketing. “With this line, we have created two high-launching, forgiving and fast utility iron options that feel incredible. We have continued to drive performance while also putting a priority on exceptional feel through the strike. Combine that with an ultra-clean look, and you arrive at the new U•505 and T200 models.”

“With the new U•505 and T200 utility irons, we have two distinct models that both offer the long-iron player distance, height, and consistency across the face,” said Marni Ines, Director, Titleist Irons Development, Golf Club R&D. “For golfers seeking the ultimate option to deliver launch and forgiveness in a larger profile, U•505 is the perfect long iron for that player. Others want the benefits of a utility iron packed into a more compact, player’s shape. T200 is that club. Crafted with extensive tour feedback and input, both models are designed to look remarkably clean at address while feeling and performing exceptionally, blending seamlessly into the rest of the player’s bag.”

The new U•505 and T200 utility irons will be available for fittings from August 3rd and available in golf shops globally beginning August 25th.


For the player seeking increased launch and speed at the top end of their bag, new U•505 is an extremely versatile, high-launching utility iron that now looks and feels dramatically better.


New U•505 features an updated, clean design that inspires confidence at address, while the refined Max Impact Technology, re-engineered chassis and new Variable Bounce Sole work together to drastically improve feel and playability. The result is an extremely fast, forgiving and versatile utility iron.

  • Tour-Validated Looks: Inspired by feedback from tour players, U•505 now features a shorter blade, sitting even cleaner behind the ball and eliminating distraction.

  • Enhanced Feel: Titleist engineers refined Max Impact Technology and added dampening in the muscle plate to guide the frequencies at impact to impart the feel that a discerning player looks for from a well-struck shot.

  • Improved Off-Centre Accuracy: With an all-new stable, re-designed chassis and an even lower CG position, U•505 maintains speed and stability on strikes across the entire hitting surface. U•505’s new single taper face improves performance towards the heel to tighten dispersion and sharpen distance control.

  • Effortless Turf Interaction: With the help of tour pro feedback and input from the grind experts at Vokey Design, U•505 now integrates the Variable Bounce Sole along with a softened trailing edge to allow a faster move through the turf, bringing a scoring iron refinement to the longest clubs in the bag.


For the player looking to increase launch and speed in their longest irons, without sacrificing a compact profile. Featuring the same technology as the new T200 irons, but offered in 2, 3 and 4 iron heads (17°, 20°, 23° of loft, respectively), T200 utility irons are engineered to be a high-launching and forgiving option at the top end of the bag.

T200 is the most played utility iron on the PGA TOUR, as its tour-inspired shape (featuring the same blade length and offset measurements as T100 and T150) and all-around performance makes it as simple as ever to blend into a mixed set.


The new T200 utility iron features an unmistakable leap forward in feel. A completely re-designed internal structure takes T200 to a new level, with a more stable chassis, refined Max Impact Technology and a new dual taper face bringing tour-level feel and speed to this forged-face iron model.

  • Enhanced Feel: Every update to T200 contributes to a more solid feel at impact across the face. A re-engineered chassis creates a stiffer internal structure and allows the refined Max Impact Technology to fit tighter against the new dual taper forged face.

  • Better Tungsten for Better Scoring: Dense D18 tungsten and a 2000° aerospace brazing process affords Titleist engineers the ability to maximise performance in each club – from fast, high-launching long irons to accurate and forgiving short irons.

  • Clean and Confident Shape: Despite the drastic updates inside T200, its popular, tour-inspired shape of T200 remains consistent. A clean look from address promotes confidence, and identical blade length and offset measurements to T100 and T150 create seamless transitions throughout blended sets.

  • Effortless Turf Interaction: The variable bounce sole design, successfully introduced in T100 to give players preferred feel through the turf, has now been added to the T200 iron. Input from tour pros and Vokey Design grind experts were instrumental in perfecting the trailing edge design in T200, which works faster and smoother through the turf.