During Andy Herridge’s presentation at the Business Conference last month he announced TGI Golf Finance would be launching a new incentive scheme for UK-based Partners.  

The incentive will see TGI Golf Finance pay Partners an introduction fee for any successful business passed their way.  

So, that could be anything from someone in the family purchasing a new or used vehicle, to a member of the golf club buying some new machinery for their business. The team can even assist with residential and commercial mortgages. 

Andy Herridge, said: “We regularly beat dealership finance rates on used vehicle purchases. Do you know someone who is looking at purchasing a car, van, pickup, motorhome, horsebox? Why not see if we can assist and you can benefit in the process! 

“We may also be able to get more for the part exchange than the dealership will give! Just some food for thought. 

“Also, is your club currently undergoing any projects? Are they buying new machinery? Are they upgrading the kitchen equipment? Again, just put us in touch and we will see if we can assist and if we can, we will include this in the partner incentive programme. 

“What are you waiting for? Spread the word! You do not need to do anymore than just pass the details over. We will do the rest.” 

If you would like to know more about how this works and what else TGI Golf Finance can fund outside of the services provided to Partners within their retail environment, contact the team on  

Email: assetfinance@tgigolf.com
Tel: 0333 996 2229