SkyCaddie To Reveal GameTraX 360 System, SuperTags And PRO 5X GPS Rangefinder At 2024 TGI Business Conference

Distance measurement specialist SkyCaddie revealed its revolutionary new GameTraX 360 system with SuperTags at last week’s PGA Show in Orlando, along with its new top-of-the-range Pro 5X GPS rangefinder.

And TGI retailers will be the first to see the new products in the UK, in next week’s TGI Business Conference at The Belfry on Tuesday 6th February.

SkyCaddie GameTraX 360 immediately becomes the most advanced game and performance tracking product on the market for golfers.

The GameTraX 360 system is a combination of SkyCaddie’s new SuperTags with a SkyCaddie GPS rangefinder or the SkyCaddie mobile app.

It allows a golfer to not only capture the location, club used and distance hit for each shot during a round, but also captures a virtual 3-D visualisation of the stroke which produced the shot along with launch monitor-type club performance data such as address and impact club positions, club head speed, swing path, shaft angle, attack angle and much more

It’s like having a virtual camera following you around the golf course, recording every swing and every shot, including every putt. Simply play your normal game, and afterwards see why you hit your best shots – or the strokes which led to bogeys!

Everything can be shared with your golf coach afterwards, and all information is captured automatically - effectively obsoleting other products in this category.

Integral to the SkyCaddie GameTraX 360 system is the revolutionary SkyCaddie SuperTag, which fits into the end of your grip. Adding less than a swing weight, affordable enough to add super-intelligence to every club in your bag, and with an expected two-year battery life (user-changeable), a SkyCaddie SuperTag features a more advanced level of Bluetooth sensor technology than previously available in golf sensor products.

Compared to other game-tracking products currently available, SkyCaddie’s GameTraX 360 and SuperTags represent a huge reduction in missed shots, greater accuracy, much simpler post-round editing tools, and more intuitive usability.

You’ll get a deep dive into your in-play performance, including calculating Strokes Gained, with no intrusion needed during play.

“After years of introducing new products which enable golfers to have more fun and play better, GameTraX 360 with SuperTags may be our best innovation yet!” said James Holmes, SkyCaddie Director of Sales and Operations EMEA.

“You just play normally. There is no intrusion. No buttons to push. No tapping your club against your belt buckle, No cameras to set up. No distractions during play. You just play golf – and by doing so, you automatically gather more actionable data than you ever thought possible!

“We are looking forward to demonstrating the system, including our brand-new flagship GPS rangefinder the SkyCaddie PRO 5X, next week at The Belfry for TGI retailers.”

The new SkyCaddie PRO 5X GPS rangefinder is the perfect complement to the GameTraX 360 system with SuperTags.

It is the first of SkyCaddie’s PRO X series of rangefinders – which now have laser accuracy to meet the demands of both professional and recreational golfers who recognise the importance of having the right distance.

PRO 5X is based on SkyCaddie’s proprietary TruePoint Precision Positioning Technology powered by a high-performance GPS engine which doubles the error correction technology to provide unmatched accuracy and reliability in the same category as lasers.

The laser-like accuracy of SkyCaddie’s new PRO X series is crucial to a golfer’s confidence, which is further enhanced by the most complete, most reliable and the only ground-verified course maps in the game. 

Chris Trott, the dynamic golf industry content creator and social media personality known as Trottie Golf (@trottiegolf), was demonstrating the new technology on the SkyCaddie booth at last week’s PGA Show.

“Why guess what you can measure?” he said. “SkyCaddie and I are aligned with the belief that better golf comes through better information. The visual and data analysis tools supplied by SkyCaddie’s new GameTraX 360 system with SuperTags are the simplest, least intrusive and most comprehensive solution yet seen in golf to both measure and accurately capture the information you need to analyse and improve your game.

“Capturing “Strokes Gained” information while playing your normal game has never been easier and the ability to capture the exact swing which produced the shot has never been practical before SuperTags.”

SkyCaddie’s GameTraX 360 system, powered by the next-generation SuperTags, includes advanced technologies, features and benefits such as:

Advanced Ball Strike Technology

Patented Calibration Technology

SwingVue 360 Technology

ClubTrak 360 Technology

AirSwing Technology

All data captured and measured by SkyCaddie SuperTags within the GameTraX 360 system is stored in the golfer’s personal SkyGolf 360 online space.

This provides you and your golf coach with a library of your personal performance history, and a wealth of patterns for further analysis, including strokes gained and lost.

And exclusive to SkyCaddie users, you also get hole-by-hole visualisations of historic play, including swings for every shot or putt, over a multitude of rounds.

GameTraX 360 represents over 15 years of research and development to find the solution to the flaws present in other game-tracking systems.

SkyCaddie’s UK Sales Team Chrissie and Alex will be demoing the new products at the Belfry next week so make sure to come and see them in action!

For more SkyCaddie information see or call 01844 296360.