Shot Scope has launched the V5 GPS and Shot Tracking watch - expanding on the popular V series with a new sophisticated and functionally savvy device, offering automatic performance tracking.

Continuing on from the success of the V3 model, the V5 boasts a clean aesthetic with a sporty matte-black bezel and is packed with game-enhancing features, allowing every golfer to maximise their on-course experience.

The V5 sits alongside the popular and customisable G5 GPS watch, and the premium touchscreen X5 performance tracking watch. It represents great value for money, with no subscription costs and automated performance capabilities – adding to the extensive range and choice of products from Shot Scope.

“It’s the complete golf watch, with every aspect of the game seamlessly recorded and analysed,” commented David Hunter, Chief Executive Officer at Shot Scope. “Our customers who have become familiar with the previous model will see some fantastic game-enhancing upgrades, like the inclusion of Dogleg data, a Digital Scorecard, Green view and pin placement information, as well as a slicker round-faced design easily worn off the course.

“The V5 yields advanced technology, yet a simple aesthetic - with a vivid, full-colour readable screen and multiple colour display options. We know that a touch screen isn’t for everyone, so the V5 offers an alternative for golfers looking for more tactile watch functions to seamlessly cycle through the new features using the easy-to-use buttons.”

The V5 also allows golfers to access updates within the app, most importantly within MyStrategy, for data-driven insights into how to strategically play a certain course. Furthermore, with over 100 game statistics, including Strokes Gained and Handicap Benchmarking, golfers with a Shot Scope device can explore their data with no additional fees via the app.

The hole maps give an overview of the full hole to help golfers navigate tough tee shots, by understanding where any hazards are or what might lie ahead of them on a blind tee shot. Golfers can plot their way around the course with the V5 comfortably on their wrist.

Accessibility to over 36,000 preloaded courses worldwide means playing more golf has never been easier. As well as possessing a long-lasting battery life that spans two rounds of golf, the V5 easily switches between metres and yards to cover all golf trips around the world.

The Shot Scope V5 watch is one of the most affordable golf watches on the market and will be available in black; with the ability to personalise all display features depending on personal style.