With so many speed training aids on the market making different claims but offering the same thing it's time for a new approach. The Speed Toad is the first speed training aid that fits onto your own driver shaft allowing you to correctly carry over your speed gains to the course!

With other speed training aids you are training your body and muscle memory to account for the flex and kick points of the speed stick and not your actual driver, with The Speed Toad all of the practice you put in will translate into real distance without sacrificing accuracy or effecting your consistency.

The Speed Toad is the creation of two of the fastest golfers in the world Bryce Mooney and Dr Sam Attanasio (the current owner of the worlds fastest ball speed record of 241.7 mph) after years of research into speed training and experience on in the Long Drive field.

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Another unique part of The Speed Toad is that it is actually lighter than your driver head...why?

Most driver heads weigh in the 195 gram range. The Speed Toad weighs 140 grams which through years of testing has shown to be the optimal weight difference to allow your body and central nervous system to operate faster than it does with your normal driver through the activiation of fast twitch muscles. This retrains your body to move faster, and better sequences your swing to translate to lower scores and longer drives on the course.

The Speed Toad also offers a comprehensive training plan, individual to all levels of golfers, that is included with any purchase to help with the correct speed drills and maximise your gains!

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