Worldwide Golf Brands is implementing an improvement in its environmental practices for 2023 by reducing its reliance on single use plastics. With the launch of the SS23 collections WWGB will no longer be sending hangers as standard with all trousers across its three apparel brands – Oscar Jacobson, Stuburt and Farah Golf. However, where retailers still require hangers they will be available on request.

This is a decision that was arrived at after consultation with several customers. Feedback has consistently shown that hangers are very often thrown away or replaced by the retailer’s own hangers. As such, WWGB believes this decision will have minimal impact at retail, but a huge impact on plastic use, as Graeme Stevens, WWGB M.D. explains.

“I’m no eco-warrior, but I do feel a responsibility to cut down on waste and make positive environmental changes to the business where we can. It’s clear that the vast majority of the hangers that we send out with trousers end up in landfill, so we have decided to remove that plastic waste from the business. Decisions like this have to be balanced with the needs of our customers, but it is our belief that trouser hangers are far less of a retail necessity than for polos and tops. We think this is a great step in the right direction and will make a real change to our environmental footprint.”

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