Titleist have underlined their commitment to enhance the fitting experience for golfers with the introduction of a new Vokey Wedge Fitting App. Available to fitting partners who have access to Trackman or GC Quad, the new software allows fitters to follow a consistent process to provide quality, precise recommendations to help golfers improve their wedge play.

The process starts with a series of questions about current set-up, technique, course conditions and how they use different wedges for specific shots during a round. The app then asks the golfer to hit a number of specific shots – from full shots to greenside pitches – and incorporates launch monitor technology to analyse data such as club delivery, shaft lean, angle of attack and strike.

This information allows the fitter to recommend specific wedge grinds suited to the player’s technique and course conditions.

Benefits include:

  • Free download of fitting app software
  • Detailed instructions for set-up and use
  • Support through Titleist Area Sales Manager

Jack Yetton, Titleist’s Golf Club Trade Fitting & Education Manager explains how the new tech will help fitting specialists deliver quality wedge fittings all-year round, encouraging golfers to buy wedges as a set to properly match up with their irons

Once set up how long does the fitting process take?

“The interactive process typically lasts 10-15 minutes, can be done indoors or outdoors and ultimately allows fitters to provide a better wedge fitting experience. In an ideal world a fitter would take some of the recommended options to an outside practice area to demonstrate the turf
interaction but if that’s not an option we’ve found the app on its own can still provide extremely
accurate results based on the way the club is being delivered.”

What are some of the benefits to the fitter?

“The beauty of the Vokey Wedge Fitting App is the easy, step-by-step nature which allows fitters to offer a quality wedge fitting time after time. There’s a consistency to the process and the results are incredibly accurate. It helps fitters to promote the benefits of buying wedges as a set rather than the odd sand wedge here and there. We’d encourage anyone selling and fitting wedges to use it and provide any feedback.”

What are the benefits to the golfer?

“We are committed to providing golfers with the best-in-class wedge fitting experience to help improve their short game performance. This process will raise the bar for wedge fitting, making it easier than ever for golfers to access this high-quality experience. The app definitely adds some theatre to the process, especially when using an indoor fitting environment. Every golfer would benefit from a wedge fitting as they are the clubs which are used most during a round – they are also the clubs which can have the biggest impact on scoring. Finding the right loft, grind and bounce options will improve performance in this key area of the game.”

Since its arrival, various accounts across the UK and Ireland have introduced the app to their Vokey wedge fitting process. Here is a case study from TGI Partner, David Patrick, who has fully embraced the app and is currently seeing the benefits being reflected in his business:


Case Study - David Patrick - Bruntsfield Links Golf Society

“It is easy to use, it is quick and has resulted in my Vokey Wedges sales YTD up 45%.

“Golfers are used to the theatre and numbers associated with driver and iron fittings. The Vokey Wedge App provides that similar performance, where they like that fact-based analysis.

“The app also provides a simple way to demonstrate different delivery between full swings, pitch shots and open face shots and how different bounces/grinds may be required from different wedges.

“I also find it easier to separate being a salesman and providing that information which will help golfers play better, which I have discovered actually increases sales without it being in a pushy manner.”