Friend of the group Robert Nicol from TGI Golf Insurance providers Broker One with some insight for Partners into the current volatile state of the insurance market.

I remember thinking that 2022 was gone in a blur and I was determined not to let 2023 pass by so quickly.  Well, here we are in December and I'm just getting round to updating the TGI Partners on the insurance market.

Well, I say market, but if it were a real market I think even Del Boy and Rodney would have packed up their suitcase and headed back to Nelson Mandela House.

I know there has been some discussion among Partners about the current rates we have at Broker One and we would be the first to acknowledge that premiums and service have been a real challenge for the past two or more years.

We deal with renewals across many industries, on a daily basis and nothing is reducing. This is caused by a number of reasons, most notably

  • Index linking running at circa 8% - This is driven by rising costs of materials
  • Lack of capacity in the market which will always drive premiums up – the basic principle of demand v supply
  • Claims costs – although I would stress that the TGI facility runs extremely well.

Please don't think that we sit here and do nothing as we see premiums rise. We are constantly in discussion with the insurer on your behalf and at the same time looking at alternative carriers for the TGI Insurance product.

Several months ago, we identified that the insurer was increasing rates, which would have been unsustainable for the facility.   

We met with them and ran through the product and its rating – between us we agreed to cap any increase on renewals to a maximum of 12.5%, which included index linking. This, in the current market, is a great result and we have been dealing this way since then.

We have also started discussions with an alternative carrier, who have expressed an interest, which is an exciting development, as any competition is good for rates.   

We are currently sharing some stats with them and working on a product that suits the TGI Partners. It is absolutely vital that the policy wording is adapted to suit the needs of PGA Professionals and the way we know you run your businesses.

We are most definitely not sitting on our hands and letting premiums rise unnecessarily.

We fully understand how frustrating it is to see your premiums increase and we fully understand the frustration of rising costs, we have them in our business too.

We are working hard for TGI Partners and we hate seeing any of you leave the facility, as it is your own product and buying as a group is what developed the product way back in in the early days and keeps it going now.

We do understand that Partners are independent retailers and will make their own choices. You are free to buy alternative products, we never envisage a scenario where every TGI Partner is part of TGI Insurance.

However, we do not want to lose any of you and we are doing everything we can to keep your business. 

If we could offer some advice if you do choose an alternative product, it would be to please ensure that it fits your business and has the covers you need…

  • Wording suitable for on-course golf professional retail
  • Facilitates golf buggies
  • Ball Flight Monitors are on all risks basis 
  • High value stock.

The key message is that TGI Insurance is your product and your support keeps it attractive. The market will turn at some point, and we will see rates stabilise. 

We are working hard for you and I should really tell you that more often.   

For more information on TGI Golf Insurance contact the Broker One team on