How Far Can You Throw a Golf Bag?

……is a question that you worry someone is trying to answer every time you take your clubs through an airport. But with the hard case I-GUARD travel cover from BIG MAX, it doesn’t really matter!

The I-GUARD push travelcover is made of a sturdy, durable hard case compound that keeps a golfers’ gear safe from the harshest treatment. Whether thrown into the baggage compartment or dropped off the side of a transporter, the I-GUARD will keep your clubs safe and secure, ensuring that you won’t start your holiday with a nasty surprise in your travel cover.

With the 6 smooth-running wheels, the I-GUARD pushes along vertically with ease, but can switch to a pull cover if more convenient. Internal bag fixings keep your clubs fixed in place and safe from any rough treatment, while the upright stand, secure zip closing and the full I-GUARD protection, makes this versatile travel cover perfect for golfers who want a great looking cover that offers maximum protection.

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