Cobra Golf has released an all-new version of the highly successful AIR-X family of drivers and fairways. Featuring a lightweight design with cutting edge technologies, the goal of the AIR-X line is to help players with smooth tempos and average to moderate speeds improve both distance and accuracy via easier launch, higher trajectories, and a straighter ball flight.

The new AIR-X Driver employs the following technologies to increase speed and accuracy:

  • O.T. Face Technology – A 15% thinner H.O.T. Face Insert provides even more speed and distance than the previous AIR-X driver.

  • Lightweight Design – At just 290g including a 41g grip and 50g shaft, the AIR-X Driver is approximately 40g lighter than a standard weight Aerojet driver, making it easier to swing for average and moderate speed players.

  • Offset Design – An offset hosel encourages a square clubface and impact to reduce a slice or create a draw, as well as easier launch and straighter, higher trajectory shots.

  • Back/Heel Weight – A 26g weight has been added to the back and heel of the club head (13g in each area) to provide improved MOI (over 5000 g/cm2) and forgiveness, create more heel bias, encourage higher launch, and reduce slice spin.

Cobra’s new AIR-X fairways feature the same high-performance technologies as the drivers including back/heel weighting for increased forgiveness and a slight draw bias as well as a forged H.O.T. Face insert for increased ball speed and longer overall distance. A low-profile design lowers the CG to encourage easier launch from a variety of lies while an offset hosel promotes square contact and straighter shots.

  • Women’s AIR-X Driver – Available in offset hosel only with a COBRA ULTRALITE shaft in a Black/Cool Blue colorway. Available lofts include 11.5° and 15° in both right and left-handed options.

  • Women’s AIR-X Fairways – Available with a COBRA ULTRALITE shaft in  Black/Cool Blue colorway. Available lofts include 19° (3W), 22° (5W) in right and left-hand and 26° (7W) in right-hand only.

AIR-X Complete driver and woods will be available beginning 15th February 2024.