- H.O.T Face Technology, Forged PWRSHELL Face Insert, and a Lighter and Softer Foam Filler Make the New Utility Iron Longer and More Forgiving -

COBRA Golf, a leader in golf club innovation, today introduced the new KING TEC Utility iron. Packed with technology, the KING TEC Utility is designed to provide added ball speed and distance from a wide variety of turf conditions for players who prefer an iron-like profile over a hybrid or fairway wood.

The KING TEC Utility iron features a classic, muscle-back style iron shape that sits comfortably at address, with a relatively wide sole for improved turf interaction from a variety of turf conditions.  A metal wood like construction yields powerful speed and distance through a hollow body design and a forged ST-118 PWRSHELL face insert with a longer return, internal speed channel and new H.O.T. Face technology.  Developed using artificial intelligence, H.O.T. Face (which stands for “Highly Optimised Topology”) features multiple zones with optimised thicknesses that increase ball speed and produce more efficient spin across a larger area of the clubface, resulting in more consistent and reliable distances.  For improved acoustics and feel at impact, the hollow clubhead is injected with an even lighter and softer Expancel Microsphere Foam, which is also used in the KING Forged Tec & Tec X irons to absorb vibrations and tune sound and feel. In addition, the use of extreme Tungsten Weighting utilising High Density MIM Tungsten Weights lowers the CG for improved launch and spin rates both off the tee and from the fairway or roughSpecifically, the 2-Utility contains 56g of Tungsten, while the 3-5 Utilities feature 61g of Tungsten. A ONE Length Tec Utility Iron configuration is also offered in a shorter 37.25” build to promote maximum consistency and accuracy when used with a ONE Length set or on its own.  The ONE Length Utility features the highest amount of Tungsten at a whopping 83g.

 The variable length KING TEC Utility irons are available in a 2-Utility (17° - RH Only), 3-Utility (19°), 4 (22°), and a 5-Utility (25°), with LH available in custom only.  The ONE Length KING Tec Utility irons are available in a 3-Utility (19°), 4-Utility (22°), and 5-Utility (25°) in RH only. All KING TEC Utility irons come standard with Lamkin Crossline grips and KBS $-Taper Lite steel shafts, and MCA MMT 80 (S, R) graphite shafts.

The KING TEC Utility Iron will be available at retail on February 3rd, 2023.

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