The World’s First Electric Push Trolley, Available For Pre-Order Now!

The Volt is the newest addition to the Bagboy range and the company’s first electric remote-controlled trolley! The trolley itself really does resemble a push trolley with its sleek frame and full feature console but offers so much more than its appearance may let on. The Bagboy Volt boasts a 36-hole lithium battery as standard which is ultra slim and hidden inside the frame. Weighing only 13kg with the battery, the Bagboy Volt is highly manoeuvrable and has a rear extending wheel to stop your trolley tipping back on steep hills or when accelerating. On top of all of this, The Bagboy Volt is one of the most compact folding electric trolleys in golf, folding small enough be lifted one-handed and designed to stand vertically or horizontally.

What really sets this electric trolley apart is its host of additional features such as a Scorecard Holder, Mobile Device Holder, Ball Storage and a Remote-Control Compartment. It also features a large accessory bag underneath the console and has an integrated drinks holder on the frame. Another unique feature is that the motors that drive the trolley are actually inside of the wheels themselves, meaning that you can operate the Volt as a push trolley when the motor is off! Perfect for those tricky times your battery runs out on the course.  

Volt has a colour display with speed, milage and battery shown which can toggle between x6 speed settings with uphill/downhill control allowing golfers to have the option to set a distance for the trolley to travel for handsfree use. For golfers looking for an intelligent remote model which is light weight, compact and has console storage, the Bagboy Volt is the solution.

Click here to view the Bagboy Volt in action

The Volt is now available for pre-order scheduled to land Mid-March 2024, for more information or for orders please contact UK & Ireland distributor JS International on:

BagBoy Volt RRP: £1650


T: 01923 209 440