In response to customer demand, OCEANTEE, the sustainable golf brand, has expanded its bamboo tee range to include retail bag packaging. Made from an environmentally friendly material that is new to golf, the retail bags resemble traditional golf tee bags – complete with hanger hole – allowing them to easily be integrated into existing slat wall retail space. Response from TGI Partners who have previewed the new design has been resoundingly positive, with more retailers stocking OCEANTEE’s award-winning bamboo tees than ever before.

The retail bags are, unsurprisingly, made from recycled materials and are 100% recyclable. What is remarkable and unique about the packaging material is that it contains BDP® biotechnology.  Biodegradable Organic Polymers (BDP for short) is a revolutionary ingredient that speeds up the rate at which a product biodegrades. In oxygen free, microbe rich environments such as landfills, soil, and the ocean, BDP technology will attract microbes to the packaging which then efficiently break down the material until there is none left.

“BDP technology accelerates what would naturally occur over time, it just happens in a few years instead of a few centuries,” explains Founder of OCEANTEE, Ed Sandison. “It’s an incredible technology which can be added to any number of products, not just plastics. We believe TGI customers will love the reassurance that even if the packaging does ends up in landfill, or even in the ocean, it won't be there for very long.”

The retail bags contain between 20-40 natural, uncoated bamboo tees and are available in 6 different styles: short, long and extra long standard tees, and short, medium and long castle tees, all of which can be ordered from TGI Direct