MacGregor’s £49.99 VFOIL Wedge recently went up against the £550 JP Golf wedge in detailed testing conducted by Golfmagic. While the MacGregor wedge could be easily seen as the poor relation, you’ll be very surprised by the results!

In shots ranging from chips through to full pitches, the MacGregor VFOIL recorded higher spin rates and improved accuracy, leading tester Alex Lodge to comment, “…you could almost argue that the MacGregor wedge is better.” While the tester did reflect that his preference based on looks and feel was the JP wedge, the MacGregor VFOIL was the clear winner when it came down to the hard statistics.

On 110 yard pitch shots, the JP wedge recorded an average spin rate of 9874, while the MacGregor VFOIL jumped ahead with an impressive average of 10,600. On accuracy, the MacGregor beat its more expensive counterpart with an average distance to the pin of just 14’2” compared to 15’5”.

Steve Grant, Group Sales Manager for MacGregor commented, “We know that the VFOIL range from MacGregor is packed with technology and is a fantastic club out on the course. To have Golfmagic confirm that through this test is very satisfying especially as the JP Golf wedge is a superb club to go up against. Time and again we prove that performance doesn’t have to cost the earth and I’m delighted that this test will help more people recognise the quality on offer with MacGregor.”

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