Staff Model Success with Wilson

21 October 2021

The Staff Model and Staff Model R are the 4-piece urethane golf balls that deliver precision, speed and consistency. Since launching they have received great media and consumer feedback, whilst living up to the tour-calibre status through the likes of Advisory Staff Player Marcus Helligkilde, who has seen a successful season since making the switch to the Staff Model ball. Helligkilde has won two, and placed 2nd in another two events on the Challenge Tour this year, along with a 12th place on European Tour in September. Not only does Marcus game the Staff Model ball, but he also plays with Staff Model gloves, Utility, CB irons and wedges.

The science behind the ball.

Since uneven paint can adversely affect performance, Staff Model is painted using a finely controlled application process that ensures every urethane ball leaves the factory with a nearly flawless finish. This means you can trust that Staff Model will always go where you need it to go. This is pure precision.

The R version on the other hand, is the world’s first golf ball to feature an unpainted urethane cover that delivers a lower flight trajectory, and ”grabs” the wedge surface for enhanced greenside spin. This is the ball for players who demand the utmost in confidence and consistency. This is performance perfected.

Speak to your local Wilson Area Sales Manager about stock opportunities ahead of the new year.

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