Srixon Unveils The Ninth Generation AD333 Golf Balls

15 August 2019

SRIXON announces the launch of the ninth generation AD333 golf ball. The Srixon AD333 is available in Pure White and Tour Yellow and officially launches in the UK on 6th September 2019. 

“The new AD333 maintains and builds on the high-quality performance that consumers throughout Europe have come to expect from our leading two-piece golf ball,” said Leslie Hepsworth, UK & Ireland President at Srixon Sports Europe. “Featuring a number of new technologies, including a new FastLayer Core, our designers have done an amazing job to deliver a 9th generation AD333 that promises even more ball speed and distance.” 

The all-new FastLayer Core starts soft in the centre and gradually becomes firmer around its outer edge. By incorporating this technology in the all-new AD333, FastLayer helps generate maximum distance, without sacrificing that exceptional feel at impact. FastLayer works in tandem with AD333’s 338 Speed Dimple Pattern, which reduces drag for a more penetrating ball flight, to help deliver more distance off the tee regardless of the playing conditions. 

Furthermore, the new AD333 golf balls feature Srixon’s proprietary Spin Skin technology with Slide-Ring Material (SeRM), a urethane compound that coats the cover of every AD333 golf ball.  

Spin Skin with SeRM digs deep into wedge and iron grooves, dramatically increasing friction at impact and maximising spin for more stopping power on every shot. 

“With the addition of the new FastLayer Core and Spin Skin with SeRM, the latest generation of AD333 golf balls deliver superior, all-around performance compared against similar offerings in the market,” said Leslie Hepsworth. 

Key Technologies: 

New FastLayer Core: Starting soft in the centre and gradually becoming firm around its outer edge,FastLayer delivers exceptional feel and ball speed for maximum distance performance.

New Spin Skin with SeRM: SeRM, a new urethane coating with flexible molecular bonds, digs deep into wedge and iron grooves for more control and more stopping power.

338 Speed Dimple Pattern: The 338 Speed Dimple Pattern provides less drag and more lift to boost overall distance, while flying straight even in the toughest wind conditions.

For more images, test results from the AD333 Series Product Manual, and to learn more about the latest offerings from Srixon. Click HERE.

The Srixon AD333 golf balls officially launch in the UK on 6th September, 2019. The price will be £24.00 per dozen.

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