Q&A With Peter Youell Managing Director, Skechers UK & Ireland

16 October 2020

How has this year been for Skechers, and how has the company coped with the challenges 2020 has brought?
2020 has obviously been a very challenging year for everyone, personally and within business. We hope it all settles down and life can become more consistent again as soon as it’s allowed.

The Skechers company and brand is incredibly resilient, strong and in great shape. As a top 3 global Footwear Company, we’re experienced, smart, flexible, commercial and able to re-act fast wherever needed, and this year has proven how good we are at what we do.

Overall, we’re doing extremely well, and we believe we’ll come through this an even bigger and stronger company.

How has Golf performed compared to other parts of the Skechers business?
Golf has been fantastic for us. As soon as the Courses re-opened, we experienced big demand to re-stock and that hasn’t stopped.

More rounds played and general good weather combined to make a great market for selling Shoes. We’re seeing tremendous growth with Green Grass, Buying Groups as well as on line specialists.

It’s been a bumper year, which no-one really expected as we entered Spring.

Our total Skechers business has also rebounded amazingly well, and we’re closing in on level business versus 2019, which is remarkable.

What advantages do you have with Skechers GoGolf being part of the wider Skechers business? Especially when it comes to new technologies etc?
As Skechers GoGolf is a division of our total group it benefits in all ways. Within the Skechers Performance Division, we use our latest and greatest innovation, design, technologies, and flavour.

Sitting alongside Our Go Run division, we use the same newly developed materials that are made for the most punishing conditions that all types of Running can offer.

Taking inspiration and features from our main athletic ranges, allows us to develop the very best of Skechers – for the Golf Consumer.

What can you tell us about next year's footwear line up?
2021 product ranging will see a combination of our CORE offering updated and increased, as well as NEW products for 21, designed and developed to deliver our proposition:

Design, Features, Support, Traction, Value for money and the best COMFORT in the World.

 We’re launching amazing new products at our ‘market busting’ price points - £79.00 - £119.00. New Spiked Waterproof and New Spikeless Waterproof.

At the critical price point of £99.00 – where our beautiful Elite family has driven so much market penetration, we’ll now offer 3 shoes as we launch a new Spike and Spikeless to sit alongside Elite 4. We want to own that ‘sub one hundred’ price segment.

Alongside these, we’ll have some brand-new Sport / Athletic Golf styles, offering new Innovation and Technology. Showcasing different styling, colorway’s, and alternative looks for Skechers, underpinned with our Comfort features, but offering the best commercial products money can buy.

Why should a retailer stock Skechers if they don't already? 
The sheer size of the SKECHERS brand and Company is incredible. It carries so much reach, depth, power and connection and is always driving demand through the most powerful Advertising campaigns, featuring Athletes, Celebrities, and countless features, all driving awareness and interest.

We stand out over other Golf brands, just by doing what we do. We’ve come a very long way in a short space of time in Golf. No-one thought we’d make it in Golf, they probably expected us to drop out. We didn’t. Now we’re seen as a leading powerhouse in Golf Footwear.

No doubt we’re growing, but we want to grow a lot more and do more, and for more Consumers to experience Skechers Go Golf.

We’re improving all we do in Golf to offer the best all round experience for Retailers, Groups and Consumers that we can.

We’re good at what we do. Delivering amazing value for money, great design, colours, wearability and obviously the world renowned Skechers Comfort!

We offer strong margin, and fast sell through, resulting in a very good proposition for Retailers.

We’re in a growth curve, and we’re about to achieve our BIGGEST EVER Pre Book for 2021 – who’d have thought that ?!

If you haven’t tried us, it’s worth a go!

We value everyone who works with us.

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