Practice Makes Perfect - Brand Fusion Practice Products

13 January 2022

Brand Fusion offer a comprehensive range of golf practice products from Pure2Improve, enabling your members to hone their skills before visiting your course.
Putting mirror
The smallest change in posture or form can make a massive difference when putting. A greater sense of awareness can be gained by using a putting mirror. The Pure2Improve training mirror is designed to help with alignment; take it from home out on to the course to improve putting on the green.
Putting mats
The Pure2Improve putting mats simulate the putting surface and include alignment guides which can assist with more consistent putts. A range of sizes and styles are available including a matt with ‘dual grain’ surface for increased realism.
Grip Trainer
For practising at home or at the driving range, The Pure2Improve golf grip trainer is a useful tool for developing an instinctive hand position on your clubs.
Practice nets
A Pure2Improve Pop-up chipping net has a variety of score holes that enable golfers to keep even better track of their score, and subsequently their own improvement! Driving mats are also available.
Point of sale
Brand Fusion can provide retail point of sale to support a Pure2Improve display - Please contact your Brand Fusion agent or our sales team to discuss.
View the entire range of Pure2Improve products here :

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