Higher Demand Leads to Hire Programme For golfclubs4cash Customers

4 August 2022

Europe’s biggest second hand golf equipment company, golfclubs4cash, is launching a new Hire Programme. The boom in golf participation has left a lot of TGI Partners with a huge problem – there has not been enough golf clubs to go around! Thankfully, golfclubs4cash has been able to help fill this gap by supplying an unprecedented number of hire sets across the country.

“We started to notice the increase in calls about hire sets a few months ago,” explains Murray Winton, co-founder of golfclubs4cash. “We’ve always been able to provide these products., but to help make it even easier we are now offering hire sets at 3 different price points plus a buy back deal.”

Hire sets are available to buy at £300, £600, and £900. The make-up of the set will vary by brand, but there are no minimum orders and sets can be delivered overnight. And, to make this an even better deal, golfclubs4cash is including a guaranteed 12 month buy back scheme to the value of 50%. 

One customer who has already made use of this new programme is TGI Partner Andrew Crerar at Panmure Golf Club who found himself inundated with requests around The Open. 

He explains, “I had unprecedented demand for hire sets and couldn't have done it without golfclubs4cash. I am extremely grateful indeed! The service was great, and the quality of the hire sets was perfect.  Everyone who hired them was really pleased with them as well.”

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