Foresight Sports Hits The Bullseye With Latest Update

18 April 2019

- On-going development to popular Foresight Fairgrounds software -

Foresight Sports, the golf industry’s fastest-growing launch monitor and simulation technology company, has added a new game to the hugely popular Foresight Fairgrounds feature of its industry-leading FSX 2018 software.

The new darts-based mini-game provides the player the option of hitting shots from 50, 100 or 150 yards into a giant dartboard with the aim of scoring the most points over ten shots. With a floating hot air balloon as a target for bonus points, the game is already proving a huge hit with existing users.

“The new game adds an extra dimension to Foresight Fairgrounds.” said Ben Hawksworth, Marketing Manager of Foresight Sports Europe. “Prior to the update, the existing games were mainly aimed at introducing and working on short game skills, but with Darts you can have fun over longer distances and get to work on a different aspect of your game at the same time. The software developers are always working on improving and expanding FSX 2018 and we can’t wait for the next game!” he added.

Free to all FSX 2018 users, Foresight Fairgrounds combines classic fairground fun with short game skills to deliver hours of entertainment for golfers of all abilities, whilst offering non-golfers the chance to participate. As well as Darts it includes Shooting Gallery; Balloon Pop; Splash Wall; and Putt Skee in a digitally-enhanced virtual fairground environment.

For more information on FSX 2018 software visit, call +44 (0) 1483 551441 or email 

For more information about Foresight Sports’ simulators and launch monitors visit:, call 01483 551 441 or email

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