Exciting changes announced for XXIO Europe

16 September 2020

XXIO Golf Europe announces its new strategy for 2021 following the brand's success all around the world, particularly in other main golfing regions such as USA, Japan, South Korea and Continental Europe.

From January 2021, all Srixon Sports Europe UK sales reps will be selling XXIO products.

The key assets offered to future XXIO Stockists will be an innovative scheme of distribution, a wealthy profit margin and a unique premium product line.

Boasting their lightweight technology, XXIO products perfectly address those lower swing speed players, which is a large part of the market.

“We look forward to opening a new chapter for XXIO in the UK” says SSE Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Lionel Caron.

“XXIO continues to gain market share in every region of the world where the brand is distributed, and we are confident that the same will be true for years to come in the UK. To achieve this, we will rely on a sales and marketing strategy that has proven itself in Continental Europe, where XXIO has been the fastest growing brand in the last years. We are convinced that the quality of XXIO products (clubs, balls and accessories) will largely appeal to a public looking for ease and pleasure of the game”.

XXIO UK will be starting out with a target of 50 accounts in 2021, with the anticipation of doubling this to 100 accounts in 2022

Joe Miller, the current XXIO Sales Manager, will take on the new role of SSE XXIO Product Manager. This will be a training role for sales forces and retailers across the UK. He will act under the supervision of Gareth Taylor, Head of Sales for UK & Ireland.

Gareth Taylor says: “I’ve been able to see a raise of interest for XXIO this last year under the constant efforts deployed by Joe to install the brand on the UK market and I’m ultra-confident to see the positive impact of the entire SSE sales forces to the XXIO product. What we’ll offer to retailers is amazing and is unique in the market!”

For more information on all products in the XXIO 2020 range, visit www.xxiouk.com

If you would like to know more about the upcoming exciting plan, Contact Joe Miller: joe.miller@srixon.co.uk.

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