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10 February 2021

The Inovai 7.0 blends our latest technology with a major-winning head shape, making the Inovai 7.0 the highest M.O.I. putter ever produced by Bettinardi. Precision milled from 303 Stainless Steel and 6061 military-grade Aluminium, the optimised weight distribution on the putter head allows mallet players to benefit from having the ultimate in forgiveness and stability throughout the putting stroke, and enhanced visual cues framing the ball perfectly at address with our striking Cobalt blue finish.

The Inovai 7.0 is offered in three unique neck options, including spud, slant, and centre shaft. Each putter comes with Bettinardi’s softest feeling milled face, the F.I.T. (Feel Impact Technology) Face Milling, and is built with a Tour-grade shaft, matching premium headcover, and Bettinardi Lamkin SINK Fit grip in both standard and jumbo sizes.

INOVAI 7.0 Slant 

The Inovai 7.0. Slant neck offers more toe hang for a player with a moderate arc in their putting stroke, seeking more stability on the greens. The T-line alignment allows for optimal visuals, helping to frame the ball for maximum confidence during every putt. Innovation at its finest, the 7.0 merges a major championship-winning head shape with modern technology to offer a true full-body, M.O.I mallet. 

Inovai 7.0 Center Shaft 

Designed to instil maximum confidence while putting, the Inovai 7.0 Centre Shaft is introduced to feature a 303 Stainless Steel front piece for solid feel, and a 6061 Military Grade Aluminium body that has been hollowed out for a perfect balance of weight and stability. The Inovai 7.0 Centre Shaft has minimal toe hang, and is perfect for golfers that have a straight-back, straight-through putting stroke, and love all the benefits a centre shafted putter offers.

Inovai 7.0 Spud 

The Inovai 7.0. Spud neck has minimal toe hang, and is perfect for golfers that have a straight-back, straight-through putting stroke. This pairs excellently with the high M.O.I design providing golfers with confidence on delivering and ascending strike through the ball to maximise control and to help get the ball rolling faster.

Bettinardi Inovai 7.0 RRP: £355.00

The full Bettinardi 2021 range is available to pre-order now at JS International contact:


T: 01923 209 440

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