About TGI

TGI Golf - More than 30 Years' Retail Excellence

The origins of the TGI Golf Partnership go back to 1984 on a cold wet day at Haggs Castle Golf Club, just outside of Glasgow.

Forty PGA Professionals from Scotland sat in the clubhouse having had their annual Winter Alliance competition fall foul to the weather.

The conversation soon turned from the game of golf to the business as Pros shared their thoughts and ideas with their peers.

Eventually the day drew to a close and the general feeling among the group was ‘we must do this again’…and again they did.

From that first meeting the seeds that have sprouted into TGI Golf were sown.

Things have changed a lot since then, most notably the group’s size, having gone from the original 40 based in Scotland to the more than 480 now spread around the entire United Kingdom and Ireland and not to mention a number of full time, expert staff at Head Office.

However, one thing that hasn’t changed is the group’s unwavering desire to share in everyone’s collective success.

Meet the team

  • Eddie Reid

    Managing Director

  • Amanda Wilson

    Finance Director

  • Charlene Carson

    Financial Assistant

  • Sharon Murphy

    Financial Analyst

  • Adele McLean

    Group Services Director

  • Chris Todd

    Group Services Co-ordinator

  • Peter Smyth

    Retail Consultant

  • Chris Taylor

    Retail Consultant

  • Matt Millard

    Director of Communications

  • Pauline Dale

    Marketing Manager

  • Elaine Evans

    Customer Service Administrator

  • Carolyn Loughran

    Digital Content Co-ordinator

  • Lindsay McIntosh

    Sales Support, TGI Golf Travel

  • Neil MacRae

    Sales Director, TGI Golf Travel

  • Simon Keeling

    Retail Consultant

  • Ricky Gray

    Retail Consultant

  • Neil Fortune

    Sales Consultant, TGI Golf Travel

  • Elaine Dunning

    Customer Service Administrator

  • Stuart Thompson

    Sales Consultant TGI Golf Travel